Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div

“Set thee up waymarks, make thee high heaps; set thine heart toward the highway, even the way which thou wentest.”–Jeremiah 31:21

To look at the past is often a blessed encouragement for the future. If we are travellers in the way Zionward, we shall have our various waymarks. A conspicuous call, or a signal deliverance, or a gracious manifestation of Christ; a promise applied here, or a marked answer to prayer there; a special blessing under the preached word; a soft and unexpected assurance of an interest in the blood of the Lamb; a breaking in of divine light when walking in great darkness; a sweet sip of consolation in a season of sorrow and trouble; a calming down of the winds and waves without and within by, “It is I, be not afraid”–such and similar waymarks it is most blessed to be able to set up as evidence that we are on the road. And if many who really fear God cannot set up these conspicuous waymarks, yet they are not without their testimonies equally sure, if not equally satisfying.

The fear of God in a tender conscience, the spirit of grace and of supplications in their breast, their cleaving to the people of God in warm affection, their love for the truth in its purity and power, their earnest desires, their budding hopes, their anxious fears, their honesty and simplicity making them jealous over themselves lest they be deceived or deluded, their separation from the world, their humility, meekness, quietness, and general consistency often putting to shame louder profession and higher pretensions–these and similar pieces of evidence mark many as children of God who cannot read their title clear to such a privilege and such a blessing. But whether the waymarks be high or low, shining in the sun or obscure in the dawn, the virgin of Israel is still bidden to “set them up,” and to “set also her heart toward the highway, even the way by which she came.”


Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div

The law of abundance is apparently a popular topic on the Internet. Is it any wonder? Ideas about it run the gamut from writing blank checks to yourself for imagined future income to goal setting in order to manifest dreams of luxury homes, exotic vacations, cars….

My Cup Runneth Over


Invariably, abundant living is understood as merely having an excess of money and things. The only objective for making this law work for you seems to be the acquisition of material things.

However, just having things in abundance, is like waxing eloquent about the fringe on a beautifully woven tapestry. Although rich in pattern, complex in texture and luscious in color, the fringe does not describe the whole. In fact, it is far more sinister because it partially satisfies while squelching your appetite for appreciating the whole.

Passionate proponents of this kind of “law of abundance” will tempt you serving it up as the answer for all of the life’s challenges. They are adamant that abundance is there for the taking simply by willing it into existence.

There an abundance that Jesus promises – one that encourages creativity despite our less than ideal, temporal circumstances. It is an unstoppable abundance that wells up from within us – an abundance that is simply waiting for expression.

Jesus said that the thief came to steal, kill and destroy, but He came that we might have life more abundantly. If without Him we are subject to lost and destruction, then only with Him can we truly experience this law of abundance?

If you chase abundance without Jesus, Satan will quickly proffer a cheap substitute. His substitute may bring fabulous wealth, fame and quick success. It will be glitzy enough to keep you completely preoccupied so that you never experience the life that Jesus intended for you.

Jesus’ abundance doesn’t look anything like the counterfeit, in fact, it is the very opposite. A new vision is required Brethren. The good news is that you, as an artist, a Believer in Christ, should have no trouble seeing it.

The law of abundance in His kingdom has ordained sufficiency to all of God’s children. Even better, He promises continual increase with each passing minute. Powerfully illustrated throughout the Bible, it is impossible to miss in the repeated principle of sowing seeds and reaping a harvest. I tell you that the harvest truly is ripe but the labourers are very few.

This abundance is pictured as the seed that dies in the ground and is considered almost lost. Yet in its dying manifests the wonder of a bountiful harvest. It is described elsewhere as the seed that roots deep, even while the farmer who sowed it sleeps, growing silently without his aid, resulting eventually in a harvest far greater than the seed sown. It too was powered by the divine law, working unseen by human eyes.

The law of abundance was at work in the hundreds of fish that flopped about in Peter’s nets, breaking them as they were hauled in at the Lord’s command. It was expressed, once again at the Lord’s command, in the coin found in the mouth of a fish for the tax collector over two thousand years ago. Not requiring withdrawal from a carefully maintained bank account, but retrieved from the mouth of a fish, this abundance was unusual, yet more than adequate! So, why my brothers and sisters can’t we trust in the Lord for promised abundance? Can’t you see the very fulfillment of the promise before our very eyes? “Some see and some saw.” You with eyes to see will see.

I testify that in the life of a Christian believer this law of abundance still works at the Lord’s command when we live lives that are surrendered to Him and His purposes. It will supply you with

  • Everything you need
  •  As much as you need (and most often in extravagant excess!)
  •  In the specific way that you need it.

Still not convinced? Here are some other examples. This abundance was best exemplified in the manna that was adequate for the day. It rotted, if hoarded in disobedience, but lasted miraculously on the Sabbath, because of the people’s pressing need of rest.

As Christian believers, we can count on the same law of abundance to work for us. The creation of art requires ideas, energy, and insight – wealth to spend with every touch of the brush to canvas.

Art dwells within you, rich and full. It will flow out ceaselessly as you consider the wealth of Christ in you – your hope of glory. Create art with a generous spirit that is assured of the provision for each day and for abundance during seasons of rest.

With calm assurance and certainty, know that the supply will never fail. If we perceive it and appropriate it with eyes of faith, it is ours for the taking.

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. ” Philippians 4:19

When our faith is puny, look around at nature in all its sumptuous, lavish, extravagant abundance. Our Father authored all of it. There is nothing about Him that is stingy or puny.

The lime trees outside my window unfailingly explode into thousands of lime green leaves every spring. Each leaf is a work of exquisite perfection reminding me of this very thing.  Trust Jesus’ promise that His presence in your life brings life abundantly, in ways that are truly incomparable. Don’t let Satan sell you a counterfeit promise of a “law of abundance”.

You know The Law Giver and He is abundant and His abundance dwells in you.


Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div

Good morning and the Peace of God be imparted unto you in Jesus’ Name.

Many people, like Esau, have had a life programmed for difficulties. They have a yoke placed on their shoulders thus there is a limit they can’t go beyond. This can be through unbroken curses, and so they need to break the yoke binding them before they cancel any curse spoken against them. Many of us find ourselves in a similar situation and have found a way out through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Anytime they want to break through they find it difficult. They have yokes of limitations placed their way by the devil, in the spiritual realms. Their life is characterized by lack, pain, fear, hopelessness, poverty, disease, failure etc. Many have tried to break through but have failed, while others have. You don’t have to be yoked with this. Esau was told by his father the secret of breaking free from this yoke- he had to be tired of it and grow restless. You should be restless until your heaven opens. Arise, ask the Lord to reveal to you the yokes in your life, and break them in Jesus Name. Speak to every yoke, early in the morning, daytime and even at night. Demand every yoke be broken. Mention it by name and persist in your prayers till dew from heaven relocates you. Craft deadly prayer points like:

  • You yoke of defeat over my life, break in Jesus Name
  • I command the yoke of fear to break in Jesus Name
  • I break every yoke of limitation in my life in pieces in Jesus Name
  • I command every invisible yoke in my life to catch fire and burn to nothing in Jesus Name
  • Lord, anoint me with the anointing that breaks every yoke of the enemy
  • I break loose today from the yoke of lack (mention any other that you feel led to) in Jesus Name
  • I will not be yoked together with demons of lust, defeat, fear (mention what you think is binding you). I break your yoke now in Jesus Name.
  • I release myself to unlimited divine breakthroughs in JesusName

Don’t give up. Remember to PUSH

P –Pray

U- Until

S –Something

H- Happens

The breaking of your yoke will set you free to your divine breakthroughs, in Jesus Name.


Caribbean Airlines Adds More St Vincent Flights

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago, Saturday July 1, 2017 –Caribbean Airlines is now offering flights between St Vincent and Trinidad five times per week, up from the two weekly flights it had initially been operating when it became one of the first airlines to offer non-stop flights to the newly opened Argyle International Airport in April.

It added the Thursday, Saturday, and Monday flights last week, supplementing the original Sunday and Friday service.

The airline said the expansion in service will improve the frequency with which passengers can connect seamlessly to other international and regional destinations.

“This increase in flights will enable closer links for commerce as well as create opportunities for travellers to explore this beautiful country of 32 islands,” Caribbean Airlines Vice President, Commercial, Sean Quong Sing added.

The Trinidad and Tobago-based carrier is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and promised that “valued customers can look forward to more exciting developments and new destinations as the year progresses”.


I have come that [you] may have life, and have it to the full. — John 10:10
As soon as Adam and Eve messed up, the Enemy started speaking shame over them, and he’s been doing it ever since then.
Guilt, that sense of conviction that comes over us when we do something wrong, is healthy and moves us toward positive change. Shame, however, drives us into a never-ending cycle of trying to fix ourselves, to prove to the world and ourselves that we are not inherently flawed, that we have value.
The lie the Devil wants me to believe, and you to believe, is that we are never going to live beyond the consequences of our actions. It’s a lie he’s been perfecting since the beginning of time. But I’m here to tell you this life, the shame he pours into us serves one purpose: to distract us and keep us busy trying to prove to the world that we are perfect. The lie tells us we will never be good enough, regardless of what we do with our lives or how we live out our calling.
On the flip side of the life of Shame is the lie of pride. If the Enemy can’t make us doubt our worth, he makes us believe in an equally false version of it, one that tells us we are valuable because of our incredible efforts, sometimes even our efforts on behalf of God. But whether we believe the lie of shame or the lie of pride, each is rooted in our need to feel worthy.
Finding Our Worth
The key to having a healthy understanding of our worth is knowing to whom we belong. There have been library rows full of books written about worth. But without an understanding of God through a relationship with Jesus that is empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will never really understand the true source of our value. My brothers and sisters, I urge you to stay in the word of God, regardless what the enemy is trying to our lives.
Keeping us busy trying to prove our worth is the easiest way to keep us from the life God created us to live because it makes us think that our worth is based on what we do, instead of who God is.
Spending our lives being busy trying to prove our worth is how the Enemy fulfills the warning we read in John 10:10:
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.
But this verse does not just warn us of the Enemy’s plan, it also reveals God’s plan:
I have come that [you] may have life, and have it to the full.
(Whenever I read this verse I say, “Because I have come, you, Godfrey, have great worth.” Try adding your name and speaking that over yourself.)
God bless you and have a great day.
Your brother and servant,
Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div
Co-Founder of The Mystical Order