I have been informed this morning that there is a counterfeit ring in the Caribbean with the fifty dollar bills ECC. You should keep a look out and watch for the description below. Don’t get sucked for quick cash and do not lose your business for FAKE money. It is my understanding that the Ministry of Finance and the Police Department are aware and every effort is being made to contain and possibly apprehend the culprits.
You are asked to report anyone that tries to pass off these FAKE money. This is the Carnival season and you must me on a good look out. Save your pocket and your business by informing the Police.
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Guys. Please share this with EVERYONE and be on the lookout for these counterfeit EC$50 notes that are going around. We got 3 of them at an event on Thursday night. However because of alert staff and good policing we were able to catch the culprit. There may be much more. If you drop water on it runs. And where the foil should be is just gray. They all have the same serial # SN183954. Don’t let a struggling business person loose in these times. 


Ministerial Ethics

Every member of The Mystical Order is required to subscribe to and live according to the following code of ethics:

Members affirm their personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and are called by God’s grace and power to the ministry of the Gospel.   They commit their lives of daily obedience and service  to glorify God and enrich His people.

Members should reflect the example of Christ in personal behaviour and character, avoiding any appearance of unethical or immoral behaviour.

Members are never to use their position or ministry for unethical financial gain. Members should maintain good relationships with others engaged in ministry, while being respectful and sensitive in dealing with different denominations and faith groups.

Members should be wise and discreet in all conversations and personal interaction, regardless of time, circumstances or location Members should be respectful, sensitive and alert with all persons, regardless of differences.

Members will join together in marriage one man and one woman in accordance with Biblical teaching.

Members should inform themselves of the current Mystical Order Policy on Clergy Penitent Privilege.

Members must subscribe to the Biblical teaching and standards of conduct found in the Tenets of Faith and Disciplinary Procedures in the Mystical Order Constitution.